This department focuses on the development of moving images. In contemporary fine art, the concept of the moving image has developed into one of the most important expressive mediums. The professional art world produces films and videos with their own dynamics and signature.

We encourage research across various disciplines, such as film, video, sound, animation, performance and installations, where videos are combined with 2-D and 3-D works. It is precisely on this interface between image and sound, analogue and digital, factual and fantastic that unique works can be created.

Film, video and digital images, and all their crossovers, are continuously developing. This means that the curriculum is geared towards research, experimentation and innovation. It follows a clear structure, moving consecutively from developing ideas to products in progress, and subsequently to final results. These are discussed in relation to each other, both in group discussions and individual talks. The department provides a variety of projects, film workshops and instruction in software programs that are important for the various disciplines.

Theoretical research is conducted from a critical and inclusive perspective. This mentality enables students to explore specific substantive themes of their choice, and to find a way to clearly articulate their position as artists in the cultural landscape and the world we are living in today.