First specialisation year

In this first year, after having successfully ended the basic year, you have classes in the different subjects, art, performance, film, video, animation, and theory. In the first semester you have classes and group talks and very open assignments. In the second semester you have more and more individual talks and more and more you follow your own development. All subjects are obligatory. Most of the technical courses are offered in this year. In the second semester you have a major performance project with the whole group. We have excursions to film festivals and exhibitions, often together with BK.

Second and third specialisation year

In the second and third specialization year you inscribe on the list of one of the teachers for an individual or group talk. You can participate in projects and excursions. You can also apply for an exchange at one of the academies abroad or do an internship. Projects inside and outside the school are part of the education.

Third specialisation year

Already in the second specialization year you will have a special monitor, a teacher whom you are in regular contact with, looking at the progress in your study. Also in the graduation year you will have a special monitor. The monitor is responsible for the text on the attachment coming with your diploma. As mentioned before the thesis is a part of your graduation.