Like Waves Breaking Into Light by Dorin Budușan (DOGtime)

When looking at a liquid, besides colours, you also see a shimmer – photons dancing on the surface where they get scattered, an interaction between texture and light conditions. Homer describes the sea as ‘wine-like’, a reference not to its colour but to this shimmer effect. Even on a screen, light is never still. Filming the screen reveals refresh rates, moiré patterns, glitches, light phenomena at the edge of our perception. Light and sound behave similarly, travelling in waves that vibrate on a spectrum of frequencies. This is reflected in the term tone colour, used in music to refer to the physical characteristics of sound. We rely on these to distinguish between the same sounds played on different instruments. Like Waves Breaking Into Light plays with these effects to create a shifting environment where light and sound constantly dance around you.

This video is part of: Rietveld Uncut 2020

For the fourth consecutive time, the Rietveld Uncut team has worked towards an exhibition of these projects in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, this year under the title Relating (to) Colour. Students investigate "colour" from different perspectives and meanings.

Due to government measures to control the coronavirus, the Rietveld Uncut exhibition and the Studium Generale conference week in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in March 2020 were cancelled. Participants were asked to create digital translation of their projects and share this with the online audience.