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During 26 March - 02 April edited the front-space.

What happens when students from the Jewellery department and designLAB base their work on research by PhD students from Wageningen University? The answer is the collaborative project, Cross Pollinations.

The project started when students from Wageningen University presented the research that they were doing. After this, the couples (one Jewellery and one designLAB student) were able to choose a piece of research as the starting point for their work. How can we use physical and haptic objects to connect artistic and scientific research? Drawing on these questions and eleven related scientific research projects, the students developed portable conversation pieces that trigger viewers to engage their curiosity and sense of wonder, touch and communicate through the senses, and that open up a dialogue and facilitate feedback. In turn, the PhD students from Wageningen drew inspiration for further research from the Rietveld students’ questions which, from their perspective, were ‘out-of-the-box’.

The conversation pieces will be presented at the Wageningen University & Research on Tuesday 27 March from 12 to 2pm. The entrance is free.

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