The department  ‘Jewellery – Linking Bodies’ approaches the field of jewellery as an independent art form at the interface between applied arts and fine arts. As such, the related investigative field offers specific visual and conceptual opportunities.

By expanding on the notion of jewellery and by stressing its role as the fundamental link placing bodies in relation, the department focuses on the space “in-between” and more specifically on the way in which all bodies connect to each other and interact with the surrounding environment.

Students are challenged to work with and to open up the traditional definition of “Jewellery Design” by investigating how we could activate both multi-disciplinary and multi-species conversations and relations, through the materialisation of sensorial experiences (e.g. touching, feeling, smelling etc.) embedded in body-related objects. 

Such approach is triggered by also introducing the students to fields and competences which, at first sight, could appear distant from the classical jewellery field, allowing them to gain inspiration for the creation of novel content, materials, tools, techniques and processes. Research and experiments are conducted into the scope and possibilities that jewellery offers as a medium. 

Jewellery design is explored as an attitude as much as a discipline. In this explorative process, the department adopts a clear stance in assuming that a ‘jewellery attitude’ does not necessarily need to result in jewellery designs. Understanding and defining this stance helps more clearly define and build on students' competencies and on their potential working styles in this discipline. Such open attitude also contributes to strengthen their identity and creates space for new activities, both within and beyond the context of making jewellery.