First specialisation year

During the first specialisation year, you and your classmates and lecturers will draw up a canon – a set of rules that you believe in and will use as a guide. This is the beginning of the artist’s statement which you will develop in more detail later on in the programme. Students will work freely, and not on the basis of assignments, although certain frameworks will be defined. In addition to group discussions, there will be room for individual supervision.

Second specialisation year

On the basis of the canon adopted during the first year, you will choose positions and further develop them. You will be expected to be able to take an independent, relevant position as a visual artist by this time. The lessons will continue to have a critical character with regard to the student’s own medium. In addition to photography, it is important to study other contemporary trends in art. The surrounding programme will include visits to lectures, exhibitions and symposiums that have nothing to do with photography. This will help you broaden your world view.

Third specialisation year

During the third specialisation year, you will work towards the final examination and complete your artist’s statement in the form of a thesis.