The department of Photography focuses on establishing an autonomous artistic practice. This comes with a critical attitude that challenges the medium technically, conceptually and theoretically. Through research and observation, experiment and production, through discussion and text, we reflect on new properties and appliances and a changing significance of photography itself. We operate on the edge of the medium; we are interested in a fundamental dialogue between the student and contemporary image-culture. We overthrow photographic traditions. We reject conventions and restrictions with regard to form and content.

The students are encouraged to think progressively and act radically. Their achievement will be autonomy and a distinguished position within the field. Classes and critique are given within the group, for the most part. We trust each other, sharing our interests and personal fascinations, and learn from each other. Collaborations with other departments are part of our programme, as is the production of regular exhibitions of our work, outside of the academy. The most considerable strength of the department is our unprejudiced and dynamic attitude towards our medium, our inventiveness and our pursuit of absolute artistic freedom.