Four courses are offered across all years, supplemented by more intensive week-long workshops by invited guests and lessons in technique. The four courses are: Editing, Image, Typography and Theory. Teachers devise short or long-term assignments within each course and compile study materials based on them. 

The courses can be further subdivided as follows: 

  • Editing – editorial design, systems design, digital design, collaborative practice, writing  
  • Image – illustration, photography, image editing, art direction, performance
  • Typography – typographical design, lettering, type design
  • Theory – design history, media and art theory, thesis 

The content of each course will depend on the member of academic teaching staff who will apply their own vision, practical experience and interests in their teaching. Introductions to applied techniques occur in class, or in one of the schools many workshops, including: Digital techniques, coding/programming, offset printing, silkscreen printing, book binding, letterpress, laser cutting, plot printing, textile, among many others. Although technique is not necessarily foregrounded in the lessons themselves the teacher will best communicate what they know, while acknowledging that there is also a degree of self-learning and experimentation from the side of the student that must occur. In the department you are encouraged to explore the use of different techniques and formats to realise your ideas.