Rietveld in Georgia: Reflection on the Fall
12 - 27 January 2023
at The Rietveld Pavilion


Last autumn, graduating Graphic Design students spent six weeks in Georgia. From 12 until 27 January 2023 (so also during the Open Day) they will display works developed during and based on the time they spent in the mountain village of Khevi and the city of Tbilisi.

The exhibition 'Rietveld in Georgia: Reflection on the Fall' is a multifaceted exhibition, with many components; a variety of publications and installations, as well as experiences, often changing and adapting to the needs of the space, the visitors and the artists. "This format is a necessity rather than a choice, a direct result of our lived experience, which progressively changed our understanding of the region as well as ourselves in it."

To keep track of the different events follow the IG account rietveldpavillion and rietveldingeorgia.