If you find yourself unable to solve a problem related to your studies or your personal life, don't hesitate to talk to your mentor. Almost all departments at the Rietveld Academie work with a mentor system. The mentor is the first person you turn to if you have any questions or problems with your studies. If you can't manage with your mentor, or if the problem is/becomes more personal, you should visit the student counsellor. In case of study related problems, your mentor can also refer you to a coach.

Student Counsellor

Students who are having personal and/or study problems can contact the student counsellor. The dean offer support and advice in relation to study skills, such as planning, learning to communicate and to adopt a reflective approach. She can also refer a student to other people or bodies who could help the student more specifically. Read more here.


Students who feel they have come to a dead end in terms of their development and whose lecturer or mentor cannot provide adequate help, can receive coaching. This coaching is provided in the form of consultations to discuss the student’s work and help him/her to get back on track.