The student counsellor

Mirjam Mazurel

Location: Rietveld Building Room 203 (next to the elevator)

Visiting hours for open consultation: Mondays and Wednesdays 12-2 PM (You can pass by if you have a short or practical question or if you want to make an appointment)

Do you have practical questions and don't want to pass by in person or would you like to make an appointment to talk about your studies or personal problems? Send an email: mirjam.mazurel[at]

See also the student counsellor's page on the intranet.

When should you go to the student counsellor?

If you find yourself unable to solve a problem related to your studies or your private life don’t hesitate to go and talk about this with your mentor. Almost all departments of the Rietveld work with a mentor system. The mentor is the first person, standing close to you in questions or problems with your study. If you can’t handle it with your mentor or the problem is/becomes more personal, then you should visit the student counsellor.

You can receive confidential advice on any matters to do with your studies, personal matters and problems relating to any of the following subjects:

• Illness and special circumstances (handicap and study)

• Advice on referral in case of psycho-social problems

• Concentration and motivation problems

• Study Finances, restitution tuition fees

• Legal regulations: student statutes, programme and assessment regulations, binding negative study advice

• Study choices, making a temporary break or termination of the study

• Support in funding (only for students in the higher years)

You must see the student counsellor for any of the following:

• Registering special circumstances, illness or family circumstances which might cause delay to your studies

• Making an application for financial support from the Profile fund (only for students who receive Dutch Study finances)

Complaints and professional procedures

• Any complex issues relating to your Study finances, as an extra year finance for you study in case of chronicle illnesses (for Dutch Study finance)

How does the student counsellor work?

The student counsellor will provide information, advice and support on subjects relating to your studies and yourself. This takes place in a one-to-one talk whereby the counsellor is bound by a code of strict confidentiality. No information given during the talk may be repeated to a third party without your consent.

To make an appointment quickly the counsellor has consultation hours when you can either visit or phone. During the consultation hours the counsellor will make a short inventory of your questions or problems and together you will decide whether your problem can be solved on the spot or whether you need a follow-up appointment.

Sexual harassment

The student counsellor, is also the person to go to in case of sexual harassment. Not only sexual harassment but also verbal intimidation is absolutely not accepted at the Rietveld Academie. Important is that any person working or studying at the Rietveld should be able to do so in a safe and trustful surrounding. If you might get in these bad situations then you can contact the counsellor.