In collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie presents Refuge - fleeing, flowing leaking. This is a large-scale, multi-day event in the museum building and a festive Friday night. From 22 to 25 March, it focuses on questions of refuge.

The annual collaboration between the Stedelijk Museum and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie consists of two parts: a conference and an exhibition with performance programme. Studium Generale presents a four-day conference where different curators fill a day with diverse artistic perspectives on the theme Refuge - fleeing, flowing, leaking. Following this theme, students create new work for the exhibition Rietveld Uncut. This presentation culminates in a festive Friday Night on 24 March with performances and interventions. More info on the programming will follow later.


This year's central theme is refuge. Human and non-human animals seek refuge because of war, terror, hunger, exploitation, climate change, or because of structural forms of daily oppression and exclusion. You can find refuge in a camp, shelter, safe space, in a body, state of being, state of mind. Or you take refuge in a (self-chosen) family, community, movement, or collective.

This edition of Studium Generale and Rietveld Uncut considers the phenomenon of refuge not only as a concrete and physical construction in a violent or toxic reality, but also as a potential affective space or caring body. It considers how limiting systems (ideologies, states, institutions, academies, machines...) flow and leak unpredictably, from which lines of flight can emerge.

From there, how can we harbour and connect bodies and create refuges for affective and dissident voices?

Participants exhibition and performance programme Rietveld Uncut:

Antonia Valentina & Jordi de Vetten, Carl-Johan Paulsen, Chenpan Qi, Clara Inés Arámburo Torres, Danute Liva, Enzy Jhang, Fanja Bouts, Fara Verhoeven, Greta Ona Galiauskaite, Ida Cecilie Meldgaard Fisker, Islam Abdelkader, Jill van Grinsven, Karolina Hyun Wilting, Katarina Holzmann Ekholm & Esther Rzewnicki, Kateryna Lymar, Lucie Dudova, Lujza Kramarova, Maïa Taïeb, Maja Wachowska with: Stella Kummer, Cameron Howie, Karl Götter & Anna Fleuri, Paulina Koeleman, Pieke Pleijers, Sofie Santos, Sojourna Anna Jon-Paul, Sujin Lee, Yana Khazanovich. Workshops and group projects by Rainbow Soulclub, Elisa van Joolen, the Rietveld's Photography department and the VAV - moving image department.

Photos by Sophia Xu

What do you have in your pocket, Heinekenplein? - Danute Līva 

What do you have in your pocket, Heinekenplein? - Danute Līva (detail)

Enzy Jhang, Talent Coordinator - Enzy Jhang

Enzy Jhang, Talent Coordinator - Enzy Jhang (detail)

Leaking Dreams and Fleeing Realities - Fara Verhoeven

THE…JIMMIEZ - Jill van Grinsven (Pipi in Pipiland)

Only to compound and form once again - Lujza Kramárová

Only to compound and form once again - Lujza Kramárová


Spill - Sofie Santos

Excuse me, can you tell me the way home? - Yana Khazanovich