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During 19 July - 25 July Darya Golova edited the front-space.

Voices of Belarus. Chapter Two: Restoring Connections.

Masha Maroz.Sasha Kulak.Dasha Golova.

Belarus is a country whose national identity has been thoroughly destroyed over the past hundreds of years by way of repressions, language reforms, constitutional changes and heavy propaganda. The majority of Belarusians don't know their roots, culture and are ashamed of the Belarusian language, considering it 'peasant-like'. That is one of the reasons why we, as Belarusians, have been asleep as a nation for a long time and are now seeking the process of building and forging a new structure between us as humans, repairing connections between the land and people.

Voices Of Belarus. Chapter Two: Restoring Connections talks about the reparation of liaisons within family, the reconnaissance of ornamental language, the visualisation of the heritage that was never accessible to us, the remembrance of the names of ancestors to restore the way home. Artists invite visitors to acknowledge the exhausting growth of numbers of political prisoners in Belarus. This show is an act of solidarity with the Belarusian citizens who are fighting for their human rights but are ending up imprisoned and labelled as extremists. Voices Of Belarus. Chapter Two: Restoring Connections will guide visitors through the works and their language. It's an open space for conversation, which prompts one to think about abstractions of freedom, reality and dreams of people we might never encounter. 

Due to increasing oppression and severe persecution of any trace of resistance, freedom of speech and/or artistic expression in Belarus, we feel the urge to make multiple voices be heard and noticed despite the informational, political and territorial isolation of their origin. As a group of two expats and one resident of Belarus, we aim to raise the visibility of cultural cleansing by offering what we still have and are able to maintain by emerging and reinforcing connections from the outside and inside of our Motherland. 

Voices of Belarus. Chapter Two: Restoring Connections presents a new series of The Postcards Of Solidarity, and individual works: Long Way Home. Part  2, 2021 - the audio-visual installation by Masha Maroz; 10 Years Of Not Being Home - the photo zine and prints by Sasha Kulak; I Cry, I Cannot See - the sculptural illustration and the eponymous poem by Dasha Golova.

Show will be accessible for visits at Punt WG in Amsterdam 29.07-01.08 and at The Grey space in the Middle 07.08-19.08 in Den Haag.

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