Front page, week 30 2021

Belarus, 1990

The Crystal Ladder, 2020 (RV325)

Accommodation of Desires, 2020

The Crystal Ladder (RV325)

Video documentation of the performance.

My voice is my prisoner, my director, my sputnik, my inner self, my nature. It is a space between me and my surroundings. To be caught between a rock and a hard place like The Wolf is trapped into the decision to leave one place to discover another. The struggle between the bureaucratic procedure for a visa as a personal validation and falling into an alternative reality (e.g. love) is the key to the visual vocabulary of the work. The Wolf is looking through the openings in the fictional fabric of society. The Crowd looks back and reacts. The costumes, as well as full body gestures and non-voices, are tools in the algorithms of choreography, which shape each character in the tragicomic performance.

This work is the result of the dedication and commitment of a large group. The experience of this group of people is the boundary of my work as an artist. It is a strong supportive structure, a layer of temporary community.

Accommodation of Desires (FL Auditorium)

Short film, collaboration with Sasha Kulak, 18 min

The water flows on the surface of the Earth and in the underworld, this substance connects both sides of the river as margins of life. The narration is holding out the silhouette from the sketch of an artist to the symbolism of the ancient world reading small gestures. The story is being told through the sequence of slow enigmatic scenes where the shells, mysterious creatures of the sea that are the voices to be heard. This film accommodates my works by giving them a role of an oracle. The camera float through the imagery of the dream that is alluring and tender like a little flame of the act of creation. The desire that laid the nascency for us as humans was inherent and inherited in order to inflate the sails of our ego floating through the journey of life.

Projects by: Darya Golova