We are back to make the FIFTH (5, V, 11111) edition of the Rietveld Journal happen, and, as always, we need you <3


The Journal needs content, and the [near absence of] rules stay the same:

If you’re studying (or used to study) at the Rietveld Academie or Sandberg Instituut; or you are a part of the Rietveld and Sandberg community (staff, teacher, workshop manager, etc), send us any of your printed-matter-to-be from love letters to hate drawings. There are no limitations in terms of the kind of content that is accepted! Send your contributions and reach out with any questions to journal[at]rietveldacademie.nl!

The Journal also needs a team, so if you are interested in taking care of it, helping produce it, have ideas on how to curate its content, or want to organise its launch β€” come through with any initiatives, ideas, proposals, questions regarding the above β€”> journal[at]rietveldacademie.nl

Reach out and we'll find a way for you to contribute! 8^)

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