Basic scholarship / student finance

If you are enrolled as a student in university or hbo (such as the Rietveld Academie), you can apply for student finance. You must be a Dutch national or have the same rights. This means non-Dutch can also apply for student finance. You will get more money if you are no longer living with either of your parents.

Visit this website to check if you meet the nationality criteria for student finance, the maximum amounts of finance, and how to apply:

If you need help with this, you can also contact the student counsellor.

Please note: The Preparatory course, the Orientation course and the part-time bachelor programme (DOGtime) are not eligible for student finance.

NL Scholarship for non-EU students

The Rietveld Academie can grant two NL scholarships (previously known as 'Holland Scholarship') of €5,000.- to new Bachelor students from outside the EU/EER. All candidates taking part in the application process will receive an email with a scholarship application form, which they receive during the application process.

Candidates who do not qualify for this scholarship programme, will have to apply for a scholarship(in their home country) by themselves.

Please note that the grant will only be issued for the first year of the study. 

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Unfortunately, the Rietveld Academie does not offer scholarships for EU/EEA students. Candidates who want to study here and need funding will therefore have to apply for a scholarship (in their own country) themselves. Annually, only 2 new non-EU/EEA students are awarded with a (one-off) scholarship through the NL Scholarship programme (previously known as Holland Scholarship programme)