In the programme, the students' learning process and development take centre stage throughout the study. In all cases, work and progress will be assessed on two occasions during each academic year. In these assessments, students show their teachers what they have been working on in the preceding period. Areas covered by the assessments include expressive ability, commitment, presentation, technical aspects, communication about their work and ability to analyse and reflect on it.

The assessments are a logical extension of the discussions that take place between students and teachers on a continuous basis. If the results of the work are unsatisfactory, students will not be awarded a pass. In that case, the second assessment serves as a re-sit. There may be an opportunity to retake the year under the supervision of different lecturers. Students are awarded 30 credits (ECTS) for each assessment passed. Passing two assessments gains the maximum of 60 credits – enough to commence the subsequent year of the degree programme. Students can only proceed to the next year at the end of an academic year.