The Image & Language department, formerly known as Beeld & Taal, is actively looking for ways to think and act beyond the presumed gap between image and language. In the department, language is treated as a construction - with an eye on both material and concept. Not only is what you make important, but also how you make it. The autonomous character of the Image & Language department is crucial, although students are working towards creating a clear form that can be shared. The development of ideas and imagination goes hand in hand with clear communication.

We welcome art students who think in, and through language and are creating work that positions itself ‘between’ traditionally separated disciplines, such as literature, film or visual art. Questions on the particularities of language are of great importance to Image & Language. Most work that is made at the department has language at its heart.

Students have the scope to develop their ideas within the department, but are also required to measure their projects against positions and demands from outside the academy. These interventions will offer a clear perspective on possibilities and locations for manifesting projects.