First specialisation year

A wide variety of teaching is available based on assignments. The focus is on writing as a craft. During this first year, you will collaborate extensively with students from the other years.

Second specialisation year

In the second specialisation year, the focus is increasingly on combining image with language. In this second year, you will continue to work on projects with students from the other years.

Third specialisation year

In the first semester of the third specialisation year, students work on designing their own project. Academic teaching staff provide support in order to enhance your ideas and working methods. In the second semester, the project is completed. This may be made up of a range of works in different media or a single major piece of work. It is possible to choose between a combination of image and words or art work with a literary angle. You will also write a thesis relating to your own work. This may examine works of art, artists or movements that link together literature and the fine arts. This thesis is a fundamental part of the final examination and is assessed accordingly. Ultimately, the work will be presented at the annual final examination exhibition, which is open to the public.