Jewellery design is approached as an independent art form at the interface between applied art and fine arts. As such, it offers specific visual and conceptual opportunities. In the department, research and experiments are conducted into the scope and possibilities that jewellery offers as a medium. Jewellery design is explored as an attitude as much as a discipline. In this explorative process, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie adopts a clear stance in assuming that a ‘jewellery attitude’ need not necessarily result in jewellery designs.

Understanding and defining this stance goes beyond establishing jewellery design's position in the context of contemporary art and culture. More particularly, it helps more clearly define and build on students' competencies and their potential working styles in this discipline. This strengthens their identity and creates space for new activities, both within and beyond the context of making jewellery. The department challenges students to approach a wide range of designs and projects based on this perspective of jewellery design.