The Jewellery – Linking Bodies department approaches the field of jewellery as an independent art form at the interface of applied and fine art. We share a ‘jewellery attitude“: a fondness for tactility, details, zooming in and out, and working with scale. However, what the students make varies enormously, from body-related objects to installations and performances.  

The department’s starting point is the body. Jewellery is traditionally intrinsically connected to the human body. Linking Bodies questions what a body is. It explores the body and its relationship to other bodies – those of humans and also other life forms.  

Several jewellery techniques are taught, and you will investigate a wide range of materials in their historical, social, ecological and economic contexts. The tutors come from different professional and cultural backgrounds. 

In the department collaborations are important – within the academy, but also with outside partners such as the field academy, (museum) collections, hospitals or universities.