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During 10 December - 16 December Public & Projects edited the front-space.

Beam me up Gerrit!

With this call Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut launched an eclectic festival in Paradiso as a wrap up of the Anniversary Show Gerrit turns 50, Willem only 28. Where the Anniversary Show looked back, the party was very much a party of NOW, reflecting the sway of today. All departments participated with music, sound, performances, actions, projections and interventions. 

With Comfor+Ball, Body Architecture, Dopo Scuola, Plastic Fantastic, Rewind Fast Forward, Hans Muller / Crackle Box Community Act, The Past Starts Now, Doe Normaal, Urs & Moore, Extra Time, Kemah Bob, Pull Handle To Open The Door, Old Fashioned Future, Angel Shades, Gerrit Suits You! Eighties Punk Song: ‘Moleculen, Fem, 一一 X Nick Nicole pt. II, Oorbeek, Rusty Apollo, Solina Beats & Kili Kili Frou Frou, Ruutu Poiss, Symbyosys Selects…, Offspring, GFX, +1, Délage, Christian Kingo, DJ Snufkin, San Hani, Countess Malaise ft. Zgjim, Nancy Acid, Nekyia, Johannes & Roberto, Rendez-vous, Radio Rietveld, Aserejé, XeroxBooth, Fantasies of Cleaning and Mark Buckeridge.

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