Application for the Orientation Course 2023-2024 is closed. Application for 2024-2025 opens in December (when the link to the application form is published here again).

Admission interviews are scheduled in June, at our academy in Amsterdam.

PAY ATTENTION: O-Course students are not eligible for Dutch study finance (Studiefinanciering), and attending the O-Course does not give you the right to apply for a Dutch residence permit. So, non-EU/EEA applicants can only be admitted to the O-Course if they already have a Dutch residence permit that is valid for the whole course period! You cannot apply for student visa on the basis of being admitted to this Saturday course!

Admission interview

The Orientation Course (on Saturday) is preceded by a selection round, for which you present a selection of your visual work, and the outcome of the home assigment during an interview with a course teacher. Next to the work, your motivation is crucial. The work you show may consist of, for example, sketches, doodles, photos, videos or three-dimensional work - in short, enough information on your visual capacities (at least 10 and no more than 30 pieces).

Time & date 2024-2025

25 Saturday afternoons from 12pm - 5pm    

First class: end September/beginning October 2024. NOTE: the exact date is still to be determined.

Course Fee

The 2023-2024 course fee is € 1,188.-. (The 2024-2025 still has to be determined and will be published before end 2023).

NOTE: the course fee has to be paid in full before the start of the course and cannot be paid in instalments.

The Orientation Course is not part of our bachelor's program, so participants are not eligible to a student grant.

In the event of premature interruption of the Orientation Course, there is no right to a (partial) refund of the paid course fee.


For more information on application, admission and other practical matters, contact: apply[at]

For information on the Orientation Course, contact the head of the department Marek van de Watering: marek.vandewatering[at] .