'ACCIDENTAL GLASS “The beauty of kaos and the life it brings in its trail (of fire).”

During this years graduation show you can see the work of Sally Santana (graduate from the glass department) in the pavillion. 


Using uranium glass, found footage from the preparation of the first neuclear bomb, black sand, a hot airballon, clay, natural pigments and a fiat panda classsic -Sally takes you into the realm of ‘accidental’ glass types. By accident she means glass created without a human intention, an example of that is when lightning strikes in sand and leaves fractal tubes of glass underground. Fascinated by glass formed by these impacts and the human interactions with them. Her love for kaos becomes a binder between poetic landscapes, spirituality, and heated destruction. 

In the installation you will experience

A split screen video in a car, whose trunk is loaded with glowing glass flowers. The doors of the car are open and the sound is seeping out into the rest of the space. The audio sets the scene with recordings of friction release in expanding ice, singing dunes in the desert and heat frequencies from the sun. The sound piece is a collaboration with the electronic musician Yogeshwara Chandran. 

To dim the light of the space is a 46 meter long painting hung up like a curtain, that gives a crisp paper like sound when a breeze or a body passes by and sends it into motion. 

In contrast to the silk-like movements of the painting are solid sculptures in black clay placed around the car.