Marlene Stach
Thesis: Fake Houses 

Sight to Site

I get inspired by memorizing spaces I have lived in before and objects that shifted from being a commodity to a container of my immaterial thoughts – becoming nostalgic along the way.

In my work the house becomes an allegory for intimacy.

The installation simulates an ongoing complete world, capturing continuous moments in still lives, freezing the unnoticed in-between.

I find it intriguing to encapsulate ephemeral sensations such as the traces of a lived day like dumped clothes on a chair; moments in our daily life that are usually destined to adapt, change or disappear.

Re-moulding and reproducing objects, unpicking materials, reversing the inside out are the main techniques I like to work with. They are simulating the act of memorizing; the fiction that makes up our reality and shifts a little each time we recall it. Damaged by time, half remembered, partially visualized.