First specialisation year

In the first specialisation year, a broad and extensive programme is offered covering as many aspects of the discipline as possible. Your work will be based on project assignments. These cover the full range of the discipline, from furniture design to projects in public space and the theory and history of architecture. The projects focus on developing a spatial insight, expressive capacities and the ability to think conceptually. A good technical grounding is laid by focusing on sketching, 2D/3D technical drawing, architectural aspects, materials, details and constructions.

 Second specialisation year

In the second specialisation year, you will work more independently based on assignments. In these assignments, the emphasis is on developing your own vision and encouraging an independent and critical attitude towards the discipline. There are increasing opportunities to develop your own focus within the discipline and express your own preferences. You will reflect on the theory of the discipline and have an opportunity to become acquainted with professional practice during a three-month internship.

Third specialisation year

After the completion of an internship in the second specialisation year, the study programme culminates in an assignment you formulate yourself and express by means of two different spatial works and a writing assignment (thesis). Your work will be exhibited to the public during the graduation exhibition.