Marie Jacquet 
France, 1999
Thesis: Sustainable and playful modularity

The Trench Kit

Amsterdam, Monday 28th of March: 22 degrees, very sunny, Thursday 31st of March: 4 degrees, hail and snow. Four seasons in one week, sometimes even several seasons in the same day. As the weather changes more rapidly and drastically, it is more difficult for us to keep up in terms of clothing. For that reason, I created a modular coat that can be worn in any weather. It consists of a simple coat base and many items that can be connected to it with a hook system. There is for example the waterproof back flap, the puffed hood, different types of pockets. The items are designed as mini collections to meet different weather needs.

Inspired by architecture, especially by graphic lines and geometric shapes, I wanted to create a simple and minimalist coat base, especially so that it would be timeless and more likely be worn by the wearer through the years. The items, which can be layered on top of it, contrast with their sharp shapes, textures and colors.

To create them I mainly use fabrics that I recycled and repurposed like curtains and bedsheets, or fabrics that were sleeping in my parents’ and grandparents’ closets and finally some that I find in second hand stores. Using and recycling existing materials is important to me, for ecological reasons, but also for sentimental reasons – I like their vintage and unique aspect.