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During 17 September - 24 September Public & Projects edited the front-space.

6 Academies is the kick off for a series of annual exhibitions, hosted by the Gerrit Rietveld Academie/Amsterdam, ZHDK/Zurich, ENSAD/Paris, FH/Bielefeld, Fondazione Fotografia/Modena and RCA/London.

Since 2004, these Academies have been working together, discussing art education in the field of Photography. Annual meetings resulted in a professional exchange of professors about their variety of teaching strategies and programmes, and a prize for the best student’s work. As of 2018, the prize has been transformed into an exhibition of selected student’s works, rotating between the respective cities and institutes.

6 Academies at UNSEEN provides a live view of an interactive, visual transformation throughout the whole duration of the festival. More information on

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