RietveldTV's Approximately Ten Tour #9: Ménage à trois by Luciënne Venner

Wednesday 27 June at 9pm: Viewing of Ménage à trois + Error of Eros (2018) + live concert by Contravox

Location: Filmhuis Cavia, Van Halstraat 52-I, Amsterdam

Tickets are 3 euros or without charge upon flashing your Rietveld Society Button

Especially for RietveldTV, Luciënne Venner compiled a new work consisting of scenes taken from her films Escape from Eden (2016), A Ride to Moresnet (2017) and Error of Eros (2018). In each of these three films, actress Eva Bartels and dancer Revé Terborg play strongly connected roles, Revé embodying the erotic desires of the characters played by Eva.

In addition to Ménage à trois, Luciënne will screen her latest film Error of Eros, a one-shot film made with the support by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and NEVERNEVERLAND. After the viewing, Luciënne will play a live set based on the soundtracks of her films together with Jeroen Echter, with whom she forms the band Contravox.

Luciënne Venner (1989) makes films and performances. Her work is personal, intuitive and poetic. She mostly makes one-shot films and prefers to work with 16mm film. Desire, eroticism and personal transformation are important themes in her work.

Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July at 10.45pm: Ménage à trois on local television broadcasted by AT5.