Ceramics department project

Ceramic Thoughts in Overview, Suddenly


Following on from the various issues that were discussed in the Studium Generale, we adopted “our relationship with, and distinction from, the other” as the point of departure for our own group discussions. We singled out the word “humility” and gave it a dynamic role in our reflections. What does humility mean in your life and what is its effect on yourself and on the other? The word “humility” also provided an interesting link with public attitudes to the current flows of refugees. We concluded that humility is an extremely topical concept at this point in time, and we discovered the many layers of this powerful characteristic, which sometimes led to uncomfortable discussions.

To preserve all the different vantage points that arose and to distil from them a coherent whole, we formulated our ideas in relation to the image of a wall. A wall has many historical meanings; it is used to divide or separate us from other people, to give us a feeling of security, for instance in our own home, but it can also be used to communicate resistance and protest – in the form of a “protest wall”. A wall can also have psychological or symbolic meanings that can be linked metaphorically to a person’s emotional life.

The title refers to the work Suddenly This Overview by the artist duo Fischli & Weiss, who used some 200 hand-modelled unfired clay sculptures to accumulate various important and unimportant events in the history of mankind and of the planet.

Tomas Heller, Ildikó Horváth, Natalia Blahová, Laura Canha, Ziynet Hidiroglu, Buster Stroucken, Antonia Rippel, Jevgenijs Carenoks, Jara van Dam, Louise Moins, Emilie Bobek and Katri Paunu.