Graphic Design department project

(Un)Common Views

Installation, mixed media

Anti-capitalism & boner, authority & naturism, beauty contest & mining, cooking & exoticism, counter power & work, family & media, fashion & sports, gender & school, homeless & psychiatry, identity & role model, migration & monarchy, uniform & strike, prison & slavery & teenage.

27 images from Werker Magazine's library served as ignition for 13 research projects questioning the changing nature of images, documents and the archive in the digital era and how this affects our bodies and the world that surrounds us. The results of this research are presented in a multifaceted installation that invites the visitor to engage with the content both intellectually and corporally.

Participants: Barbara Bártková, Brent Dahl, Alice Dhinaut, Fallon Does, Zgjim Elshani, Dirk de Gram, Gustav Heinsen, Leonie Hennicke, Steinarr Ingolfsson, Jan van der Kleijn, Inna Kochkina, Victoria Langmann, Steven Lenoir, Eduardo Leon Herrera, Jurgis Lietunovas, Cyril Pitet, Elisabeth Rafstedt, Sophie Rentien, Vera Rijks, Bernadeta Rimutyte, Nina Schouten, Nikos Stephou, Christophe Synak, Carina Thornval, Rodrigo Vasquez Callo, Melisa Zaimovic.