designLAB department project

Machines get wrinkles too

Mixed Media

The presented projects are the results of a workshop given by Zoro Feigl to DesignLAB. One of the defining factors of life is that it will end. As a project all students invented/designed/made something that has a limited lifetime. A machine that gets old, grows or develops. A form of something time constrained. Something that is not the same at the beginning and the end of the exhibition. A work that comes alive or dies, grows up or grows old, emerges or disappears.

Participants: Alexander van Bakel, Irina Djojoatmodjo, William Eckerstein, Marit Heinen, Margherita Soldati, Alice Sprascio, Jamillah Sungkar, Asefeh Tayebani, Dinara Vasilevskaia, Rosita Kaer, Pénélope Hémon, Joe Crestinu, Bella Randel, Naigel Vermeulen, Kyefa Park, Yotam Sion, Arthur Guileminot, Alice Heron, Abigail MacPhee, Krisztina Czika, Dominica Chen