Inter-Architecture department project

A technocratic entity. The Tunnel – an artificial passage – connecting one world to the other, present to future to past.


The digital and technical world might gain a whole lot more value and importance than it already has nowadays. When we think about the future city and about the future tunnel as a different public space, it is an overlap of time, which we situate ourselves in.

In between two points. Our tunnel is a mixture between today and the (cyborg?) future, a proposition to travel in a new way, from one point to the other by considering and living the in-between overlaps of time. By perceiving processed data from the past mixed with possible interventions of the future within our installation. 

The place is a void with no human density. All is effective, all is robotic a technocratic space filled with non-human presence? Not appropriate for social fulfilment because the non-human has the power.

It serves the space through its very elements, be they comfortable or aggressive.  Bots or Beasts. Humble or vivid.

Our installation is an environment programmed by us, we invite the visitor to use it or to only observe. We use the word programmed as we build a certain space with certain experiences for the visitor. One will be able to experience the environment through sound, through vibration, through elevation, through light and air and the very structure of the space (gives a hint on what the main interventions in the installation will be), but one will not be part of it. The tunnel is a technocratic entity. It has its own life.

Participants: Floris Bouma, Morgane Le Doze, Mariana Fernández Mora, Maisa Imamovic, Lena Karson, Alexander Köppel, Henri Snel, Roman Tkachenko, Anne van de Ven and Nadja van der Weide