A pop-up group movement

VAV – moving image department project

Performers: Charles Debord, Dick Alle Huppes, Elia Kalogianni, Joost Koster, Juni Mun, Lucie Gérard, Mees van Amesfoort, Meis Vranken, Renée van Zadelhoff, Théo Ader, Vanille Ougen

Supervisors: Juul van den Heuvel, Mariken Overdijk

Technical support: Asia Skupinska, Emile Weisz, Henrik Rakitin, Lucien Easton, Zep Nieuwenhuijs

Who is the artwork? A choir of bodies, holding hands, gesticulating from head to toe, using a device as an ear, voyeurism, watch and being watched, a Snapchat intervention, a pop-up sharing of intimate flesh.

Keywords: Awakening Dead Flesh, Private Scenes, Whispering Voices,  Blood Bending,  Professional Hugging,  Sticking Together, Analogue Touch,  Hilarious Things,  Furry Stuff,  Tactile Départ