The Touch Arcade

Installation, collection of experiments

designLAB department project

Beatrice Vancaillie, Carl Johan Jacobsen, Daniel Govert Slats, Emilia Omilianowicz, Filipp Luzin, Julia Lok, Kieren Hinde, Laure Duclaux, Nadja Schlenker, Ruben Raven and Minjoo Choi, Simon Marsiglia and Leoke van Geffen, Tom Vincent and Celia Nabonne

The Touch Arcade is a collection of experiments by first-year designLAB students. Each work invites you to interact with it through feeling, often in unfamiliar ways. The Touch Arcade aims to seduce, entice, and repel simultaneously. You might expect one thing and experience another, or discover a feeling you did not anticipate. You might encounter sensual mysteries. In time, the sense of touch reveals itself. It is not a coincidence that the word feeling describes both touch and emotions. Touch, or the lack thereof, can evoke a variety of emotional responses, and feeling never works alone. Through touch, the students of designLAB test the spectrum of senses that form a system that is refined and intriguing.

Keywords: Seduce, Entice, Repel