Homunculus Gifty

Mascot made of various materials, sound

Eliott Déchamboux, Kaspar Sellin, Manon Bachelier (Graphic Design)

Credits: Lovis Caputo, Myrtille Vanmalle, Stephan Waslander

I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready-eady-eady-eady-eady! (Sponge Bob)

Homunculus Gifty is running around,
waving at you,
dancing with you,
smiling at you.
Homunculus Gifty fancies the touch of the crowd,
loves it if you take a pic,
or if you grab its hand,
or if you give a hug.
The performance shall not stop,
thus Homunculus Gifty gives it all.
’Til Homunculus Gifty cannot take it anymore...

Keywords: Exhaustion,  Free Hug,  Paws