Do you know what the Medezeggenschapsraad / Participation Council is? 


The MR* is the participation council in which representatives of the staff and of the students are assembled. The MR has fourteen seats of which seven are for students representation and seven for staff representation (teachers, workshops and administration). The MR deals with issues concerning the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut. It advises the Board of Directors on matters such as the quality of the education, employment, diversity, budget, work pressure, and other.

The Board of Directors must ask the MR for its advice and, in some cases, its agreement upon a number of issues for which this agreement is legally required.
The aim of the MR is to participate in the improvement of the quality of the education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut.


It meets about eight times a year to discuss the matter at stake.


UPCOMING DATES 2019: (correct as of Dec 18 2018)

Mon 14 Jan  -- general MR meeting

Mon 11 Feb --  general MR meeting

Mon 15 April -- general MR meeting

Mon 13 May -- general MR meeting

Mon 17 June -- general MR meeting


WED 13 Feb -- Carla Boomkens, Paul Gangloff and student reps from MR meet with RvT (Supervisory Board) to prepare evaluation of the Executive Board

WED 27 Feb -- Evaluation of Executive Board


WED 6 Mar -- Decision of RvT upon the appointment of the Executive Board


The general MR meetings are open to the public.

Addressing the MR or requesting information is possible by writing to:

* MR stands for ‘Medezeggenschapsraad’, or Participation Council.