First specialisation year

The theme of the first specialisation year in the Ceramics department can be summarised as experimental practice, becoming acquainted with the content, and learning techniques. Assignments will be used to cover such subjects as designing, sketching, shapes, figures, and making presentations. Assignments will be carried out independently, with weekly supervision through individual and group discussions. There is also a compulsory programme of theory lessons, excursions and projects for students in all years.

Second specialisation year

In the second specialisation year the focus is on concept formation and development of the relationship between shape, content and technique. In this year, students may complete a work placement or take part in an exchange programme with an academy in another country. During your second specialisation year, you will also continue to develop your artist’s statement and work on your portfolio.

Third specialisation year

During the final examination year, you will concentrate on producing your own work to be exhibited at the final examination exhibition. Setting up a theoretical statement about a self-selected study, resulting in a thesis, is part of the final examination.