First specialisation year

The first year focuses on exploring and experimenting with the techniques in order to obtain a broad impression of the possibilities. You will work independently from the start and will be intensively supervised by the specialist instructors. You will work on drawing, theory and other activities together with senior students. The assignment of projects will be determined on an individual basis.

Second specialisation year

Based on the experience and knowledge acquired in the first year, you are required to gain more depth in your work in the second year. You will be expected to conceive and execute projects independently and take a critical approach to your own work and that of others. You will also learn how to build a portfolio and you will be given the opportunity to exhibit your work. Foreign exchange programmes and internships are possible.

Third specialisation year

During the final year, you will focus on working on the final examination projects, part of which includes presenting yourself to a wide audience during the final examination exhibition. This also involves a written thesis on a subject related to your work.