First specialisation year 

After successfully completing the Basicyear, you will enter the first specialisation year. During this first year in the department, you will explore the field of fashion and the workshops. Through set assignments you will be challenged to experiment with techniques, materials and body-related visual skills. Thereby you will learn different research and documentation methods, both in theory as in making. During various workshops, lectures and excursions, you will become acquainted with current topics that play a role in society and the scope of the fashion work field. An eager, enthusiastic, and open study attitude is expected of you. 

Second specialisation year 

The second year is all about reflecting on, deepening and taking ownership of your work and discovering your position as a critical maker and researcher. You will identify dynamics that can change the current world of fashion, and figure out how to relate to them. Both your visual and technical understanding and skills will be developed further and you will become increasingly independent in your approach to assignments. You conduct relevant theoretical and artistic research and know how to incorporate this in your design processes. You show commitment to the stories you want to tell and are critical as to how they are best told.  

Third specialisation year 

Fashion students begin their third and final specialisation year with an internship. This work experience on the job or self-initiated study trip is not only in line with your specific talents and ambitions, but also gets you out of your comfort zone.

After this work placement period, everything revolves around your graduation. You do intensive research and write a thesis on a subject of your choice, relating to and in preparation of your graduation project.

You work independently and take a proactive attitude in working with your mentors and selected guest tutors.

You present yourself and your work to the world outside the academy with a final presentation that includes a live element, tailored to the nature of your graduation project. Next to this ''Fashion Show" you present your work in the annual Rietveld Academie Graduation Show. You take responsibility for your choices, your self-developed methodologies and authorship, and you dare to take the stage with the result.