First specialisation year

After successfully completing the Foundation year, you will start the first specialisation year. During this first year in the Fashion department, you will get familiar with the basics of fashion design. This involves a lot of practice and experimentation, creating on the human body from both a conceptual and theoretical angle as well as relating to the fashion typology. You will be introduced to the various workshops within the Rietveld Academie and learn basic techniques such as moulding, pattern drawing, technical drawing and basic textile and realization skills.

Second specialisation year

In the second specialisation year, you will take a more in-depth look at all areas: exploring fashion theory, identifying dynamics of change in the contemporary fashion arena, adopting a position, and gaining more technical and visual understanding and skills. You will develop increased independence in formulating your approach to work, conduct relevant research and translate this into design processes. You will learn to present in both 2D and 3D until you are capable of presenting a complete collection. In this second year, you also work on your portfolio.

Third specialisation year

Fashion students start their third and final specialisation year with a 3-to-4 month internship period, aiming to match as well as challenge their talents and ambitions while getting a feel of ‘the ropes’. The rest of the third specialisation year is fully directed towards final examination. You will conduct research and write a thesis on a subject of choice, relating to the concept of your graduation collection. You will then develop and realise a complete collection and simultaneously develop your portfolio. As a graduate student you contribute on various levels to The Fashion Show, during which you get to present your graduation collection. Finally, you will be involved in the annual Rietveld Academie graduation exhibition, where you and your fellow fashion graduates will present your graduation projects, including your collections, 2D presentations and portfolios.

Participating with your graduation collection in The Fashion Show as well as in the graduation exhibition implies that you have passed your exams so we conclude with the diploma ceremony on the final day of the exhibition. Congratulations, you will have developed into a fully independent designer, ready to shape the future.