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During 13 November - 19 November Marek van de Watering edited the front page.

Last summer I spent three months in Warsaw, Poland, integrating in and documenting the educational practices of professor Grzegorz Kowalski and one of his now-famous alumni. It had been a long-time fascination: my graduation thesis from four years ago already pointed out that many of my interests come together in Kowalski’s practices and teaching, which is based upon the tension between group and individual. In the Netherlands, when showing my material to others, most mistook my material and thought that I had embedded myself in a cult. * My three months were made possible by a research residency at the Center for Contemporary Art U-jazdowski in Warsaw, and grants by the Mondriaan Fonds and the City of Warsaw. Now, back in The Netherlands, I am supported by the Research Institute for Art and Public Space (LAPS) here at the academy to refine, sculpt, present and publish my findings.

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