We are very proud of our Rietveld alumni, and consequently would like to know how all alumni have been doing since graduation. That is why we would like to extend a warm invitation to our alumni to become a member of our Alumni Network: The Rietveld Society. We look forward to welcome all our alumni to The Rietveld Society. Sign up here to become a member and receive the monthly newsletter.

The Rietveld Society is a platform to improve communication and possibilities for exchange between all members of the worldwide alumni network. Being connected to The Rietveld Society could for instance lead to (guest) teaching positions at the academy, interesting group projects/exhibitions both in and outside of the Netherlands, and other types of collaborations or initiatives. Additionally, our aim is to learn more about the career development of the Rietveld alumni both in and outside of the art and design world.

Several alumni start their own initiatives or platform to organise exhibitions and events. Apply for the newsletter to keep updated on projects, exhibitions and news about Rietveld alumni. Join The Rietveld Society group on LinkedIn and Facebook.




If you have questions about The Rietveld Society, ideas for events, or in case your contact information changes (email and/or postal address), please don’t hesitate to contact alumni[at]rietveldacademie.nl.