The Beeld en Taal department affords equal value to words and images. In practical terms, this means that students' work involves a combination of video, photography, sound, digital media, drawing, painting, writing and performance. They create visual and literary work and constantly search for ways in which to relate or connect the two areas to each other.

The main emphasis in the department is on construction. This not only concerns what you make but also how you make it. For us, action takes precedence over blueprints, and intuition is more important than planning. Analysis and reasoning feature prominently, both in the classroom and during the creative process. This approach makes it possible to combine and compare the two subjects. This is why the department's motto is: ‘reckless yet precise’. Although independence is important for image and language, it is also essential that students' work is both clear and understandable. This means that we assess the development of ideas and fantasies in terms of how clearly they are communicated.

Everything in the department is linguistic in nature; it expresses students’ ideas and opinions in images and in words. Within the walls of the department, students have space to develop themselves and as well as work on external projects that assess their efforts in terms of society’s views and demands. This external interaction helps provide a clear idea of where and how they can eventually find an outlet for their work in the outside world. Proficiency in Dutch is essential to take this specialisation.