The Large Glass department has a strong and unique position within the conceptual approach to glass as a sculptural material in contemporary art. Challenging the traditions of studio glass, we would sooner consider our work to be part of the fine art tradition.

The students work independently on individual projects. They are accompanied by their regular teachers and an alternating group of guest lecturers. Students have classes in 'Reading and Writing', philosophy, drawing, spatial thinking and the techniques of glassmaking.

The Large Glass encourages students to be explorative and innovative, and to challenge the material by moving beyond the boundaries of this specific field. Besides sculpture and drawing,(combinations with) performance, video and installation work are frequent forms of expression. Technique is a tool, not a goal. Yet, basic skills are taught throughout the programme, supporting the students to specialise in one or more techniques or media, if desired.

Students learn how to analytically and critically converse with their lecturers and fellow students. A high degree of responsibility and autonomy is required to jointly maintain the studio, improve technical skills, and at the same time meet the challenge of developing ideas and concepts.