Poland, 1990
Thesis: Red Beach

Family portrait

I started growing my avocado plants half a year ago. Since then me and my plants have been through a lot of adventures. Taking a taxi when at that time there was 200 plants, they were performing in a gallery in the center of Amsterdam, they were starring on the professional film set ,and together took a trip to Portugal in search for big avocado trees. Those were beautiful and memorable moments which left in me and my plants memory irreversible trace. Nourishing, reviving and making sure that they have what they need brought me to finding out that I am not enough for my plants anymore. They want to be out in the world. Being present through different stages of their life gives me an opportunity for a silent conversation. However, not by words but by deeds. Maybe plants are not so loud but they are definitely very much alive. My work is an installation including over 400 avocado plants together with one channel video/self documentary about silent conversation between me and my plants. As an addition a stand for adoption of avocado plants will be arranged.