Black Sun Rising ( audio installation )
Future blues ( video )

A narrative set in a possible future. Due to effects of global warming most city’s have become so polluted that a thick layer of smog polluting the environment, the sun only a suggestion of what it once was. The scene set in a tiny apartment room in a a luxury high rise building where windows have lost their function as an opening to the outside world; they now take a symbolic role as a reflective portal to the self.

We have replaced our windows for virtual sky’s. A bright blue glow comes from a UV light that helps us cope with vitamin - d insufficiency. The narrative explored through reflections , revisiting memories that we have been “ Life logging “ in our increasingly digitised lives. It’s not linear , but a representation of the mosaic way in which our consciousness functions. Using memory as a path to therapy.

It's just another day , sitting around in this place.