The students of the Inter-Architecture department are working on ‘City entrances for Amstelveen’. The students are asked to design sight specific proposals for new city entrances of Amstelveen. The One Minutes challenged the students to make one minute movies as part of their research for this project. The current RietveldTV episode is a bundling of these research one minutes.

Participating students (in order of appearance):

Dora Riederauer & Sophie Cloes; Caroline Parton & Pauline Legay; Giulio Angeli & Hoan Nguyen; Marco Pinheiro; Mariana Fernández; Mees Joachim van Amesfoort & Suni Satoinong; Necim Abiadh & Rik Koster; Suzanne Jensen & Ji Eun Kim; Elisa Hedin & Claudia Bloxsome; Timo Piepers & Floris Bouma.