The Absolute Mountain

Installation containing several elements

My work is balancing a slightly wavy line between the absolute fact and the ridiculous dream, that often brings us unknowingly close to the brink of destruction. Sometimes facts and dreams are so closely related they can be indistinguishable, and betting on the wrong horse is easy.

A stone may be counting on the support of the mountain, relaxed and balancing daringly on the top of a slope, until erosive forces makes it slide down. The mountain itself will eventually meet the same fate, ground down to the ultimate balance that erosion is seeking: the peneplain - a state of little to no erosive change.

The experience of having the rug swept from under your feet is a common one, it even occurs daily on a geomorphological scale. The fact that a mountain will not always be a mountain clashes with the dream of it's ideal, the absolute mountain. The mountain doesn't care, though, only people do.