On November 2 Rietveld Sandberg Research organised "Curves of Inquiry" in the Rietveld Gym. It showcased the findings of nine artist-researchers who completed a fellowships trajectory in the previous academic year.

Springing from the three broad thematic research fields The City, Artificial Intelligence and Materiality the artist-researchers have been working under the umbrella of one of the three themes:

> Sensory (non)citizenship: Aaro Murphy, Charlie Clemoes and Olya Korsun
> An Accessible Data Praxis: Andrea Lopez Bernal, MELT and Sandra Golubjevaite
> Materials, displaced: Alaa Abu Asad, Patrícia Domingues and Zaïra Pourier

Next to the exhibited works there were presentations. The workshop by Sandra Golubjevaite was a collective code and non-code writing session. The participants scripted and crafted a website outside its natural habitat. Charlie Clemoes talked about the difficulty of making big complex things immediate, comprehensible, and interesting, even when these things have a major impact on our everyday lives. The performative reading by Alaa Abu Asad was about seeing the Japanese knotweed as a green future companion instead of a invasive and problematic plant. Andrea Lopez Bernal’s performance explored how authenticity and AI coexist in the various spheres of human experience. A broad array of references and materials such as spirit stories, online material, passports, anecdotes and dreams, came together in a bittersweet, surprising performance.

Photos by Nikola Lamburov.


During the event “Curves of Inquiry” the online publication "Fellows Published 2021-2022" was festively launched. The process and findings of the fellows who conducted their research in 2021 and 2022 are made accessible here. Contributors are: Waèl el Allouche, Clementine Edwards, Jason Hendrik Hansma, Elia Kalogianni, Elisabeth Klement and Laura Pappa, Taylor Le Melle, María Mazzanti, Rachel 'O Reilly and Octave Rimbert-Rivière.

Take a look at the online publication here: fellowspublished.rietveldacademie.nl