On the 13th of October 2023, the participating researchers of the research group Third cycle in Artistic Research at the Rietveld (TARR) hosted a public presentation and an exhibition at the Rietveld Gym. The presentation and exhibition was a communal moment for the group of researchers who worked together in the space for three days and experienced and learned more about each other’s work. The talks with the invited respondents, Alice Twemlow and Astrid Korporaal, were very productive and the contact with the public very stimulating.

The TARR participants sharing their processes during the event were Barbara Alves, Liesbet Bussche, Isabel Cordeiro, Miklos Gaál, Elena Khurtova, Mariana Lanari, Brian McKenna and Špela Petrič. The themes presented have ranged from a plethora of contemporary concerns, such as archival consciousness, contemporary romanticism, performative ethnographies, urban jewellery, decolonizing histories, collaborating with soils, gravity’s material relations and visual music. The aim was to discuss their processes, share visual material and exchange knowledge and experience with the academy’s community of students and staff. And that worked out. People stayed for hours in the space after the presentations, long after all drinks were over, engaged in deep conversations about the third cycle projects developed by the TARR researchers.

About TARR

The research group Third cycle in Artistic Research at the Rietveld (TARR) hosts participants both internal and external to the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Sandberg Instituut, under the coordination of Senior Researcher Paula Albuquerque. It focuses on discussions about methodologies and knowledge production in artistic research, and on facilitating research skills development for Third cycle candidates and other advanced researchers preparing a PhD, a PD or a CrD.